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Gundam Building contest

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For the first time we will have a Gundam building contest Bring your built Gundams to the show and enter in one of three categories Pro Amateur Youngbloods 12 and under Enter from 9am till 12pm one entry per person Judging begins at 1pm by Those Gundam Guys Prizes Grand prize  $50.00 Gift certificate to [...]

Guests at the May 24th show

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Guests at the May 24th show Christopher Khayman Lee Power Rangers in Space Red Ranger Scott Shaw! Return Appearance of Scott with another great Convention print be sure to swing by and get it singed by him at the show. SCOTT SHAW! (yes, that exclamation point is a part of his name) is living proof of gonzo journalist’s Hunter [...]

Guests at the Dec 21st show 2014

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Guests at the December 21st show New Guest added Jason Faunt Power Rangers Time Force Red Ranger Resident Evil 6 Mo Cap actor Tony Oliver The voice of Rick Hunter in Robotech Tony Oliver Rick Hunter Rebecca Forstadt aka Reba West The Voice of Lynn Minmay from Robotech , Tachikoma :Ghost in the shell, Tenchi [...]

Next Show is December 21st 2014

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Thank you everyone that made our May 4th show so much fun. We will have another Show December 21st 2014. The next show will be a Robotech Reunion themed event. The first guest is Tony Oliver the voice of Rick Hunter .      

Coloring pages for the Kids Play Area

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We have two sections of the Kids play area . First is the You Build it You take it home Building Area Sponsored by MEGA BLOKS and second is our activity area with great Coloring pages and activity books. We will also have a MEGA BLOKS Building Challenge where what ever the kids build out [...]

Guest added Johnny Yong Bosch

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Johnny Yong Bosch Power Rangers – MMPR Black Ranger / Green Turbo Ranger /Green Zeo Bleach – Ichigo Tenkai Knights – Guren/Bravenwolf Trigun – Vash the Stampede War for Cybertron- Autobot Bumblebee and many more… Artist Tsuyoshi Nonaka Designer for Bandai Power Rangers Toys Dan Goodsell aka Mr. Toast! Tone Rodriguez Comic Book Artist