Robo Toy Fest Next Show may 6th 2018 Pasadena Convention Center Lower Level

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New Guest Annoucment

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Walter Gatus has been in the animation industry for over a decade; working for various studios such as Warner Bros., Sony Animation, Cartoon Network, Marvel Animation and Hasbro Studios. He’s been drawing since he could hold a pencil; often getting in trouble for drawing in class, instead of paying attention to the lecture.  At a very [...]

New Guest Announcement

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William Winckler American Voice Actor  the English voice of ULTRAMAN X in the new film ULTRAMAN X THE MOVIE Mr. Winckler also wrote/directed and did voices in the English versions of the Japanese super-robot anime films GAIKING THE MOVIE COLLECTION (voice of Sanshiro, Gaiking’s pilot) and DANGUARD ACE THE MOVIE COLLECTION (voice of Captain Dan).  DVD collection sets of both Gaiking and Danguard [...]

Door Prizes

May 12, 2016 | Uncategorized | Permalink

We will have hourly door prizes at the event including 2 VIP passes to Power Morphicon Signed Power Ranger photos Signed toys and other great prizes must be preset to win at the event Signed Sacanime Banner

Full Guest line up

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Full Guest line up for May 22nd 2016 Power Rangers Super Megaforce Andrew Gray John Mark Loudermilk Ciara Hanna Cameron Jebo Neil Kaplan Voice Actor Starcraft Captain Tyco , Transformers Optimus Prime RID, Power Rangers many Villains and much much more.       Rikki Simons  Voice Actor and Artist Invader Zim Gir   Mark Richardson [...]