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Dustin Ferguson

Dustin Ferguson has owned and operated several film distribution and production companies, including 42ND Street Films and Sinister Studios.  He has directed over 50 features to date, including such notable films as “Camp Blood 4 & 5,” “Silent Night, Bloody Night 2,” and he is the editor of “Sleepaway Camp IV.”  Dustin has also produced and directed over 80 music videos, and has contracted with Wild Eye Releasing to produce and direct four films in 2018 such as “The Amityville Legacy,”"Amityville: Evil Never Dies.” After mastering the world of horror with ghosts and goblins, this talented filmmaker switched gears with sci-fi with robots and cyborgs by teaming up with legendary filmmaker Albert Pyun on” Nemesis 5: The New Model.” Ferguson is in pre-production for the much anticipated new sci-fi film “Robowoman.”

Nemesis 5 robot poster filmmaker Dustin Ferguson PM Robowoman(1)