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Roger Velasco

Roger Velasco was born in Melrose on March 27, 1977 and was raised in Bell Gardens, California. He was extremely active and involved in various sports. He played soccer since he was 5 and also ran Cross Country for his Palos Verdes High School team. At the age of 11 Roger Velasco and his family moved to South Gate, California. Roger finished his high school career at South Gate Senior High after being moved from different high schools. Right after high school Roger was recruited by a manager and agent and began his career as a model. At the age of 19 he appeared as Carlos, in Power Rangers Turbo and then Power Rangers in Space. He’s also starred in films such as “Castle Rock,” “Across the Line,” “Stageghost,” and “Living the Life” and appeared in the television shows “The Parkers,” “Ladies Man,” “USA High,” and “Six Feet Under.”

In 2017 Roger teamed up with 1DrProductions and filmed a documentary documenting his life called “The South Gate Ranger. This pairing led to another project, “Protectors of the Power. A Power Morphicon Docu Series.” Roger stays busy picking up a few acting jobs but primary focuses on his career as a broker.
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