Digger Mesch

Digger is an American transmedia Artist, Director, Writer, and Producer of Film, Comics, Toys and Fine Art. The award winning and controversial New York City artist founded the U.S.A. design house Art Asylum in 1996 fighting for artistic credit in an industry where all talent operated in virtual anonymity. He was a creative driving force behind the success of Toybiz, Toymax, Fun 4 All, Happiness Express and many other major toy companies. Art Asylum Toys was formed in 2001 where Digger reinvented the collectable toy world with the launch of Minimates that still had over 50 waves of licensed collectibles for Marvel Comics alone. Until now Minimates is the only specialty brand created in this era to have amassed 20 years of brand equity and is an obvious influence for both LEGO’S animated universe and ROBLOX.

After years of working creatively with the likes of Marvel Entertainment, Lucas Film, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Revolution Studios, Heavy Metal, Clive Barker, Kevin Eastman, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, & Eminem to name a few Art Asylum was sold to Diamond Select Toys in 2007. Digger is the subject of a feature length documentary about his life and work with The Art Asylum being written & directed by Ryan Brookhart with the producer of the Transformers film franchise slated for release in DEC 2022

Creator of IDW’s “ The Other Dead” and “Agent 88”. Digger is currently in production hosting the new talk show “Divided United” to be aired on Amazon, and in development of the feature film “The Fire Woman” working with the creator of Final