Tickets and Exclusives

Early Bird Admission to the event includes a very special RTF Event enamel Pin.

Early VIP admission

Early VIP Admission to the event at 9 am includes exclusive event enamel pin

Buy Link $25.00 At the Door $30.00

General Admission

Regular Admission to the event at 10 am

Buy Link $15.00 At the Door $20.00

Kids under 12 are free

Robot Toy Fest Advance ticket sales June 11th 2023

Exclusives at the event

Event Pins $10

Wing Gundam Logo Pin, Initial D logo Pin, RTF robo Pin, and RTF-X Robo Pin

Limited supplies on Wing and Initial D

Deluxe RTF – X mega Pin $15

Black Major Ghost Viper Glow In the dark Figure $25

LEGO RTF Robo set $15.00

Note Exclusives subject to change or delay. Refunds or items shipped if delayed