Guests and Exclusives at the Event

Early Bird Admission to the event includes a very special RTF Robo enamel Pin.

Early admission at 9am 

Buy Link $20.00 At the Door $25.00

General Admission

Regular Admission to the event at 10 am 

Buy Link $10.00 at the Door $15.00

Guests at the event

Note guests may cancel at any time before the event.

Exclusives at the event

RTF-X Robo Enamel Pin 


Black Major Cobra Soldier Red Logo 


Skystriker Air Command Patch


Cobra Soldier Red Logo and Skystriker Patch Combo


Ninja Clan Light and DARK 2 inch Enamel Pins 

$10 each $20 set 

Skystriker Air Command Hat 


LEGO RTF Robo set $15.00

Note Exclusives subject to change or delay. Refunds or items shipped if delayed 

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